Bliaron spellbuilder (Alpha testing)

Ropecon 2017 is just starting in Helsinki, so it should be a good time to have a sneak peek on Bliaron 2nd ed. spellbuilder, a webapp for quickly constructing spells out of magical effects and modifiers. Features include 14 different effects from seven fundamental magical qualities, and 9 modifiers to change the flavors of each combination of effects. Spellbuilder will then calculate everything you need to know from that spell. Please note, that the app is still very much in alpha stage, and some oddities still exist, mostly concerning the spell descriptions. Feedback is greatly appreciated, either in person to NR representatives at Ropecon who are btw running playtests of Bliaron Card Game there, or by email to northernrealms(at)

Quick directions for proper use of Spellbuilder alpha

1) Click either “Spellcasting” for spells, “Alchemy” for potions or “Runes” for creation of magical items.
2) Choose one effect to start with, add up to the level of the governing attribute (increase/decrease attribute by clicking + / -)
3) Add modifiers, to a maximum of the governing skill (increase/decrease skill by clicking + / -)
4) See the results
5) Go back to 2 and 3 (add/remove effects and modifiers, experiment with the results)

To resolve success of the spell, cast the dice as described in “Dice Pool”, pick the highest number and add the governing skill (e.g. spellcasting). If the result is equal to or higher than the difficulty, the spell will be cast successfully.

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