Devblog: the Kalthan King

In addition to our big project, Grim Noir, we’ve recently been working on several different projects based on the world of Bliaron. Upcoming Bliaron Card Game, Bliaron English edition and Bliaron Spellbuilder to mention a few. There’s however still one Bliaron project we haven’t been loud about, and it’s called Sonatan Kuningas (the King of Sonata). It’s an adventure add-on to original Bliaron – Kalthanien Perintö, focusing on the mystery of Sonata stone found in previous adventure add-on Sonatan Hehku. The history goes back to early 2010’s, the last time the writeup was touched was back in 2013, as we struggled in finding the proper development directions regarding Sonatan Kuningas. We couldn’t find satisfying decisions, so personal lives and other projects slowly took over, and Sonatan Kuningas was forgotten in the rearmost bytes of some old hard drives.

Recently though, I ended up browsing through old files and cleaning everything that had ended up on my hard drives. As I organized the files into proper folders, I stumbled upon folder called Sonata Part II – The King of Sonata. I just had to stop and read it once again. Bunch of ideas, improperly written, somewhat badly organized and hard to read. The main design goals and ideas were valid though, it only needed some fleshing out, extending the poorly detailed parts, and organizing incoherent textual structures. Somehow there was no question what needed to be done. Development goals felt obvious and easy. I stayed up late for few nights, and ended up doing something surprising.

Today I’m reading a full fresh writeup of Sonatan Kuningas, an epic story delving deep into history of great Kalthan King Artan. There’s stuff about time travel, great deal of playable information about Kalthanese ruins and Kalthan culture. So far, we are only thinking of release in Finnish, yet who knows what will happen after English edition has been properly released. The timetable and format for the release is unclear, as illustrations and doing the layout for the book will most certainly take a while. It’s however been fun to realize how inspiring and envigoring it has been breathing this old project back to life…

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