Bliaron 2nd Edition is Out Now!

We are proud to announce the release of Bliaron 2nd Edition, a fantasy tabletop role-playing game of spiritual magic and Bronze Age political, ideological and cultural tensions! You can now buy the book via online RPG shop DriveThruRPG. Be sure to also check out the Bliaron RPG Facebook page and the homepage for the game!

The game is set in a fantasy world that draws its inspiration from the ancient history of humankind, somewhere in the Bronze Age. However, some of the world has connections even to prehistoric times, into the very early history of humankind. It’s the age where the first city nations are born, the very first Republics and Kingdoms arise and culture starts to create things like law, politics and education. The interests of new civilizations, however, conflict harshly with various native cultures that have not yet established such systems.

The magic of Bliaron is based on the actions of spiritual creatures, similar to how an ancient person might have interpreted the world. It’s based on an idea that everything (rocks, grass, animals, souls) has a spirit, and influenced heavily by various old religions of the world. The game features an in-depth magic system with three different ways to use magic: Spellcasting, Runesmithing and Ritualism. All spells are created by combining various Effects and Qualities through a spellcrafting system that allows trillions of different spell variations. The rules are as simple as possible (roll few d10, add number, compare that to a difficulty), but the extra depth related to the spell system will nonetheless take a bit of time to absorb.

The world is full of conflicts that can be used to build stories. A powerful mage organization The Grand Sahen controls the Republic of Bliwon in the South, whereas the North is controlled by the King Artan, a Kalthan who rose from the dead. Loosely organized rebel Blackhands work in the shadows and strive to gain control over the Grand Sahen, while old rulers of Northern Bliaron scheme under King Artan’s rule. There is also a chapter on Encounters, and dozens of adventure starters to boost the creativity of both the Game Master and the players.

With all of this and more, we hope that you enjoy this game. It’s a work of dedication and love, as well as a creation that strives to induce thought, broaden the cultural and political understanding, all that in a very enjoyable joyful and exciting package.

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