Case files and Android apps!

A bit of a late announcement for several releases. Let us begin with a quick overview of Case Files for Grim Noir RPG:

  • Unsolved Cases : A collection of six case files for Grim Noir RPG. Each case can be run either as separate short sessions or used as a base for longer campaigns. Released 01/2022.
  • Holiday Spirits : A case file with a touch of Christmas: Santa is accused of a theft, and the players work to prove his innocence. Released 12/2021.
  • Dead-End Murder : An example detective style case for a session of Grim Noir RPG, designed to introduce new players to the game and its world. Released 10/2021.

And finally, let us continue on to Bliaron 2nd Edition mobile app release for Android. The app features an advanced character generator, greatly improved from the online character sheet, characters saving, loading and sharing, compatible with online character sheet, as well as a fully featured spell creator and an overview of the game rules.

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Bliaron Online Character Sheet update

We have updated the online character sheet to the version equal to the updated Bliaron 2nd Ed. (v. 0035). In addition, some advanced options for quick character and npc creation are now provided.

When using the NPC mode in concept-based character creation, experience points are forced to preset amount, ranging from 40exp for Beggar and Mudlark, and 100exp for Archmage and Blackhand Elder.

There are also various other advanced options that can be used to fine-tune various branches of random character creation, but are likely less useful for an average user.

We aim to keep the compatibility between versions as good as possible, but for longer campaigns, it’s nonetheless a good idea to backup your character (e.g. write the details to another character sheet or take a screenshot). If you experience a problem, you may contact us via e-mail northernrealms(at) or facebook (Bliaron RPG).

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Website reset

We are sorry to inform that our website was recently tampered, which means we had to take an action and reset the website. Visiting the site is now safe again, but things may seem a bit out of place for a while.

It will take us a while to get back on track. Much of the wordpress theme and the codebase was unfortunately lost. We can’t currently rely on backups, as there is a chance that the backups were tampered too.

If you still encounter problems with the website, please contact us via northernrealms(at) or any other method you can think of.

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