Bliaron 2nd Edition

Fantasy table-top RPG of spiritual magic, spellcrafting and bronze age ideological and cultural tensions.


  • Three modes of creating magical effects: Spellcasting, Runesmithing and Ritualism
  • Magic is composed of spirits of seven fundamental Forces: Sensation, Heat, Kinetic, Matter, Destruction, Life and Thought.
  • Spellcrafting based on Effects that describe what a spell does and Qualities that describe how the spell acts.
  • Deep magical theory explaining multiverses, essence of reality, magic and time and space.
  • Over 100 example spells and rune-items

Bronze Age Fantasy

  • Bronze-age fantasy, tribal native peoples, early democracies and kingdoms
  • Complex cultural, political and ideological tensions that build stories and exciting adventures
  • Aspects of Stone Age and Human prehistory
  • Over 30 clear adventure starters for each world region
  • Over 10 detailed examples of Bliaron-themed adventures


  • Easy basic rules using ten-sided dice
  • Material for the GM to facilitate easy storytelling, improvisation and emergent gameplay
  • Various cultures, religions and other backgrounds for characters
  • Guides and tips for GMs and players for semi-improvised storytelling games
  • Over 50 encounters with material to facilitate storytelling

Bliaron 2nd Edition is a fantasy table-top role-playing game of spiritual magic and bronze-age political, ideological and cultural tensions. With over 15 years of development, Bliaron has matured into a ripe, powerful and complete game that is suitable for both beginners and experienced gamers alike. It’s a game for people who want to be drawn in by a rich fantasy story, and not be bogged down by slow, complex or hard-to-understand rules.

With deep and well thought out magical theory, natural spirits, fundamental Forces and power imbued in runes, Bliaron is the game to choose for those who are interested in play of thought around concepts of reality, nature, time and space. The magic theory is built around magical thinking where natural forces are explained by the actions of spiritual creatures.

Rules are easy and quick. The book also provides advice and material to carry GMs and players through all phases of a story. Furthermore, encounters and world regions are provided with story hooks, story-enriching questions and drama-creating tensions. Spellcrafting system supports an extreme amount of possibilities.

Distributed as a pdf e-book with over 200 pages of creative material, Bliaron provides gaming groups with deep and detailed background setting, but you can start to play by skimming through the most important bits, leaving out the rest of the material for later games.

Creative Commons (CC-BY-NC-SA)

Bliaron is designed to be shared and developed further. The basic license allows copying the text and some of the images to any non-commercial releases. Commercial development is possible by agreement with the individual copyright holders (possible via NR).


Foundry VTT – System support for Bliaron 2nd Ed provides basic character sheet, rollable dice, various token images and magic effects and qualities.

Android App for Bliaron 2nd Ed can be used to generate and store PCs and NPCs. It also features an integrated spellbuilder.


Character Sheet (Updated 9.5.2020)

Online Character Sheet

Map of Bliaron

Quick Start Introductory Rules (free, link to DriveThruRPG)