Grim Noir RPG

Grim Noir RPG – a GUMSHOE role-playing game

Grim Noir a gumshoe roleplaying game  core book and dead end murder books
Silhuette of the City

An occult mystery roleplaying game powered by the GUMSHOE system

Grim Noir is a film noir RPG about occult mysteries and shady deals in dark alleys and glamorous restaurants. In Grim Noir you take on the role of a group of detectives that gather clues in order to piece together a solution to the mystery your game master has created. In Grim Noir mysteries have a supernatural or an occult twist that makes them too dangerous for the City’s regular police. But not for you. You are are a Reaper.

The renowned GUMSHOE system allows the players to focus on the story, rather than worry about whether their characters can find the clues to advance the plot.

A reaper from Grim Noir gumshoe roleplaying game

You are a Reaper

Take on the role of Reapers, people who have a special ability to see and take hold of souls. You can use this ability to gather clues from the dead or to sell the souls you gather for money, favors or supernatural abilities.

This will be both your strength and weakness. The power you gain through dealing souls will let you solve the dangerous cases you come across but seeing the supernatural can strain your sanity. Can you balance between your normal life and the life of Reaper?

Gather clues in order to cover the mystery

Gather clues and solve the case

It’s all about the case and the clues. A case in Grim Noir will consist of a series of clues that you will have to discover to get to the bottom of what is really going on. Your group of detectives will have to gather all critical clues and decide what to do with them. Cases rarely have a straightforward answer even when all the clues have been revealed. In the end you will have to decide what side to take.

The Reapers solve mysteries and investigate all the things that are wrong in the city. They are the ones with enough guts to persevere in the face of the oppressing city that attempts to break their spirit. It is up to them to find out the truth hidden behind the veil of secrecy.

Powered by GUMSHOE system

GUMSHOE system is designed for playing investigative roleplaying games. Grim Noir uses this established rules system and builds on top of it some new mechanics that are specifically made for this game. The GUMSHOE system is rules light and offers a cinematic style of play where the story comes first. The rules help keep the story moving forward and facilitate a fun investigative game.

Grim Noir RPG Core book and Dead-end Murder example case books

Out now! Available on DriveThruRPG.

Grim Noir RPG is available on DriveThruRPG!

The Grim Noir RPG Core Book that contains all rules for running the game as well as a description of the vivid film noir world of Grim Noir.

Dead-End Murder is available on DriveThruRPG!

The second book is an example case file Dead-end Murder that contains a ready to play adventure for Grim Noir RPG. Dead-end Murder comes with ready player characters, descriptions of non-player characters, clues to hand to players and, of course, a gripping detective story to solve!

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