Devblog: Learning javascript

Magic system of Bliaron RPG just got a quite big and fundamental overhaul, although it still isn’t ripe enough for a release. The main goal has been to develop a deep atmospheric shamanistic magic system with as little mechanical complexity as possible. The system has to be quick, easy and intuitive, but still deeply detailed,… Continue reading Devblog: Learning javascript

Devblog: Bliaron in English

We’ve been planning for quite a while for getting Bliaron rpg released in English, but various challenges on game design have kept us thinking on how we should tackle this. We don’t want to release a game that would just disappear among thousands of generic fantasy rpg’s. We don’t want to release a game that’s… Continue reading Devblog: Bliaron in English

Traveler’s guide to Bliaron (finn. Bliaronin reittiopas!)

Traveler’s guide to Bliaron is a tool for Game Masters that can be used for drawing ideas for adventures! Adventures can be looked through map either by location or symbols that represent various themes of the game. The main bulk of ideas presented in Traveler’s guide is based on original release of Bliaron – Kalthanien… Continue reading Traveler’s guide to Bliaron (finn. Bliaronin reittiopas!)

Devblog: Traveler’s guide to Bliaron (finn. Bliaronin reittiopas)

Last week me and Julius were talking of Bliaron, NR’s fantasy RPG released in Finnish language back in 2011. We were going through some development decisions, game reviews, player experiences and ended up realising that we had created tons of material that simply isn’t used at all. More importantly, we created a world with insane… Continue reading Devblog: Traveler’s guide to Bliaron (finn. Bliaronin reittiopas)

Update 02/2016

Just a quick update on what’s going on at NR. Grim Noir has finally reached first playtesting phase. The game is going to be a film noir RPG based on christian mythology. We’re looking forward to do as much playtesting as possible during coming months. There will be more information available of Grim Noir later.… Continue reading Update 02/2016

Here Be Dragons – A new collaboration project

Ropecon 2014 was last weekend, and our latest collaboration project called Here Be Dragons was announced. Written by J Matias Kivikangas, Here Be Dragons is a narrative roleplaying game about mighty and powerful dragons and the choices that they make. How will your dragons presence effect its surroundings and local cultures? Will the dragon have… Continue reading Here Be Dragons – A new collaboration project

Mundus RPG

We are proud to announce the release of Mundus RPG! In short, it could be described as an oriental action roleplaying game! The game is set on mystical world of Tentaika, inspired of Japanese history and mythology, including anime and manga art. The game system features a modular character build, detailed epic style combat system,… Continue reading Mundus RPG