Privacy Policy

(updated 30.3.2020)

How we use your personal data, according to General Data Protection Regulations (25.5.2018).

Who collects data?
Northern Realms
Savusaunantie 14 D 7, 90630 Oulu c/o Uoti Huotari
Business ID 2519492-1

Why do we collect data?

Northern Realms collects customer information regarding billing, accounting and delivery of products. Please notice, that purchasing via Store is done through Holvi Payment Services Ltd, further information can be found at Holvi Terms of Service and Holvi Privacy Police

What personal information is collected?

Name, address, e-mail address and phone number. Store purchases made through service provided by Holvi Payment Services Ltd may also collect other relevant payment information.

How do we collect the data?

Customers provide needed information themselves, but in case of Holvi Store purchases, information is collected through web service of Holvi Payment Services Ltd.

How long do we store data?

We store all relevant information for two years by default, but we may store information up to ten years, if Finnish law demands so.

How do we share data?

By default, we do not share data with 3rd parties, nor do we transfer data outside of EU or ETA. However, relevant purchasing information is shared with Holvi Payment Services Ltd and Northern Realms.

How do we protect your data?

Your data is stored in electronic format, protected by firewalls, passwords or other relevant technical methods. Accounting information is always stored in locked premises.

What are my rights regarding personal data?

You are entitled to know what information we store. In addition, you may ask of removal of erroneous data or removal of data. Please send a formal query to, and provide an address where we can send your personal data. Please note that you have to provide us with a proper identification in order to receive any information regarding your personal data.

Analytics and cookies

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